We commit to contribute towards society through initiatives that resonate with our values.


We adopt a well-rounded approach to positively impact our people, community and environment via TDCX-branded programmes alongside collaborations with global and local entities.

Our Initiatives

Workplace culture

We balance remuneration and social perks with competitive compensation, health benefits, premium workspaces with amenities; a culture of continuous learning, career acceleration, diversity, respect, transparency and a tonne of fun.

Community outreach

We support 3 groups of people including differently-abled individuals, senior citizens and underprivileged children. Our volunteers, TDHeroes are encouraged to look out for areas to help and each campus is free to carry out local initiatives.

Green lifestyle

We recognise our carbon footprint and we minimise our impact by avoiding single-use plastic items, distributing sustainably-designed products, running awareness campaigns, promoting recycling in the office and participating in green volunteering activities.

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