We are a people’s company, and that’s why we always win the war for talent.

On the Lookout for Talents 24/7

We employ more than 80 recruiters always on the hunt for candidates with the TDCX DNA, some being natives hiring for their home markets. Our innovative recruitment tool provides full source-to-hire capabilities and employee lifecycle management, allowing us to hire and retain with unprecedented effectiveness.

Experiential-Based Training

When working with our clients to define the best approach to culture branding, we always make sure that our learning experiences are immersive and context-relevant. We rely on tools like our issue simulator platform and library of mock calls to help our employees develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviour required for the job.

Fair Pay for All

We know awesome perks are not a substitute for fair compensation, so we make it our priority to pay equitably and reward handsomely across gender and racial lines. Our compensation is often ranked in the top quartile of the industry standard.

We will assemble your dream team in record time