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TDCX Corporate Social Responsibility Updates Q1 2021

Half a year after implementing our new global CSR program, we are pleased to report that we have accomplished more projects and reached more people. As much as we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do, we know there is still so much that needs to be done to fulfill our commitment to bringing positive transformation to our people, communities, and the environment.

In our first CSR update for Q4 2020, we underpinned the relevance of streamlining our CSR efforts and setting standard goals and procedures. Such a course of action allowed us to establish a stable footing this year, making us profoundly aware of our CSR accountabilities as a BPO company and helping us continue to be a socially engaged organisation despite the physical barriers and pandemic restrictions.

From celebrating our women employees at work, acting in unity in support of under-resourced communities, to educating our people to be environmentally responsible citizens, our recently implemented initiatives in Q1 further attest that despite the global impacts of COVID-19, which has left no one untouched on the planet, the spirit of helping others too knows no borders.

TDCX Corporate Social Responsibility Updates Q1 2021 In Q1 2021, we covered 8 countries where we actively operate, implemented 27 projects in support of various causes, gave 1,625 in-kind donations courtesy of our employees, donated $5,566 to different non-profits, and reached 9,024 beneficiaries globally.

Supporting our people and gender equality

With 80% of our employees still working from home, our #BeHappier efforts zeroed in on bolstering employee morale and well-being through a host of seminars, games, and contests in the virtual space. For example, our local teams rang in 2021 with interactive kick-off parties. In the Philippines in particular, our local Employee Engagement Team organised a two-day virtual event in which employees showcased their unique talents in singing and dancing, played family-friendly games, and awarded outstanding staff with performance incentives. In Japan, we established special interest clubs to encourage employees to hone their passion for yoga, learning English, and online games. To welcome our staff coming back to the office in Colombia, our local team launched Back to the Office, Back to the Future, an initiative to support our employees’ well-being through a series of guided meditation sessions and a free-fruit program.

On March 8, we joined the rest of the world in campaigning for a gender-equal world – a cause that greatly resonates with us given our positive stance on gender equality and workplace inclusion & diversity – by supporting and amplifying International Women’s Day. We united our local teams to celebrate and empower women in the workplace, emboldening everyone to show their support by striking the #ChooseToChallenge pose, a global pledge to continue calling out gender biases and advocating equal rights for all.

Reaching more people through partnerships

In Q1, we also leveraged our partnerships with several local and international non-profit organisations in implementing an array of #BeKinder projects to uplift local communities. In Singapore, we conducted a donation drive to raise funds for charity as part of our regular partnership with the Singapore Red Cross. In Malaysia, we provided relief assistance to Pahang flood victims and 400 medical frontliners through our Friday Food for Frontliners (4F) project, while in Thailand, we set up a food bank donation as a continued response for communities affected by the pandemic. In the Philippines, we worked closely with different NGOs to sponsor a community feeding program and provide food donations to a local populace in Cebu and Manila. In Colombia, we partnered up anew with Dando con el corazón to donate school kits to children, while in China and Spain, our teams each conducted a clothes donation campaign that benefited almost 400 beneficiaries from welfare institutions. Through these social-facing programs, we managed to reach over 9,000 beneficiaries from January to March.

Educating our people to #BeGreener

The pandemic has pushed us to be more innovative and adaptable in terms of promoting sustainability as well. This year, we started with environmental projects that focused on educating our people to become friendlier towards nature. Our local team in Thailand launched Save the World – an internal campaign to promote responsible trash classification and to ban single-use plastics in the office. In Singapore, we dedicated an entire week raising awareness around the importance of recycling in our offices, engaging our employees with innovative ideas on recycling and upcycling. Aligned with our long-term goal to be carbon neutral this decade, we hosted our first in a series of #BeGreener Talk: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home in the Philippines. And in support of Earth Hour last March 27, our employees in Malaysia participated in a virtual lockdown party where they switched off their electric lights for an hour.


At TDCX, the cornerstone of our CSR is our three pillars: #BeHappier, #BeKinder, and #BeGreener. Our commitment is to create a positive, transformative impact that begins with empowering the people within our organization, uplifting local communities in countries where we’re in, and promoting sustainability to help preserve our planet.