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TDCX doubles down on Asia with increased investment in Japan

Yokohama – TDCX, a digital customer experience solutions provider, has ramped up its presence in Japan with the opening of a new office. Three times the size of its previous premises, the new office is located at DIA Building in Yokohama and will support TDCX’s plans to continue expanding its local team in the next two years.

The move comes less than three years after the company established its operations presence in Japan and reiterates TDCX’s commitment to providing its services and solutions to both domestic and international companies in Japan. TDCX currently employs more than 400 people in Japan.

According to McKinsey, in the new normal, companies that cannot address diversifying and complex customer needs may face extinction . As such, the need to digitalise the customer experience will be key.

TDCX helps fast-growing, technology-enabled firms engage their Japanese customers, providing local-language customer experience solutions and digital marketing services. At the end of 2020, the company saw its revenue in Japan more than double as compared with the previous year.

Mr Tony Bruno, Executive Vice President, North Asia and Business Strategy, said, “Japan is at an inflection point in its digital transformation journey. In line with the government’s priority on digital reforms, many companies are looking at innovative ways to serve their Japanese customers better.

“At TDCX, we have been using our proven omnichannel approach to help the world’s largest new economy brands manage complex customer interactions, increase sales and ensure the safety of their platforms. Our expansion in Japan, coupled with our understanding of local consumers, will enable us to contribute our experience in delivering positive customer outcomes to more companies as they seize opportunities arising from the digital shift.”

Remote working an area of opportunity for TDCX

As companies adapt to and embrace new ways of working following the COVID-19 pandemic, TDCX aims to capture opportunities arising from the remote working trend.

“We are seeing more companies, including Japanese ones, become open to the idea of a permanent telecommuting arrangement. This is significant in a market like Japan where office space is costly and the labour market is tight,” Mr Bruno said.

The trend is also supported by research which indicates that one-third of Japanese firms were either planning to or are reviewing their office utilisation. Of those, one-third were thinking of downsizing by cancelling leasing contracts.

“We recently won a project which will see us servicing the client through a permanent remote working set up in Japan. The receptiveness to such a model opens new opportunities for us as we will be able to tap a larger talent pool. This includes older individuals who may be less mobile, women who want to work from home and those with disabilities, to name a few,” Mr Bruno said.

To that end, TDCX’s Japan office has been specifically designed to support a hybrid work model. The office features added social spaces for more purposeful interaction, such as brainstorms, cross-function collaboration and microlearning sessions. The vibrant and modern workspace has been well-received by employees, with many stating that it played a role in influencing their decision to join the company. -ends-

About TDCX

TDCX is a high-growth digital customer experience solutions provider for innovative technology and other blue-chip companies. The Company offers omnichannel CX solutions, sales and digital marketing services and content monitoring and moderation services. The Company has a track record of success with clients in travel and hospitality, digital advertising and media, fast-moving consumer goods, technology, financial services, fintech, government and non-governmental organisations, gaming, e-commerce and education. TDCX has an international footprint with offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Spain, India, Colombia and Romania, and services its clients’ customers globally in more than 20 languages. TDCX has won over 270 awards.

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