The Evolution of Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety is a subject of high importance in many organisations, especially in BPO companies like TDCX. As we continue adapting to the digital ways of the world, so does Trust & Safety. It has experienced drastic changes primarily induced by the fast-evolving digital landscape, with processes becoming more sophisticated and workers highly specialised and trained.

In this webinar, we go back to how Trust & Safety was born, how it evolved, and what its future looks like, including the role that outsourcing will play in the picture. We will tackle:

  • What is Trust & Safety, how has it evolved over the last five to 10 years, and what are the main changes observed?
  • What does wellness mean for Trust & Safety workers today?
  • What role did outsourcing play in the past and what role does it play today?
  • What does the future of Trust & Safety look like, and what role will outsourcing play in it?

Our panel of speakers:

Find out how we can scale your Trust & Safety operations.

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