Leveraging AI-Powered Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is crucial in today’s human resource management, and recently, it has witnessed many advancements because of the technology that we have today. As a BPO company, acquiring new talents is a sustained undertaking for us; therefore, we make sure that we only institute cutting-edge hiring technologies to achieve the best results for our clients. At TDCX, talent acquisition — a process driven by the combination of our HR professionals’ prowess and deep HR insights — is powered by Artificial Intelligence with our proprietary digital hiring solution called Flash Hire.

In our third webinar, our speakers review the evolution and trends in recruitment and HR technology and explain how Flash Hire is helping us be more efficient and effective headhunters. You will learn:

  • How AI has become an integral part of HR and its impacts on talent acquisition teams
  • How AI will help solve some of the most formidable challenges for HR professionals
  • How AI ensures that businesses are ahead of the competition and contributing to the bottom line

Our panel of speakers:

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