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Maintaining a High-Performance Culture with Remote Work

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a remote working solution was adopted only by a handful of companies and even then, on a limited scale. Fast forward to today and the remote working model looks set to be a mainstay in the future of work.

At TDCX, we swiftly and seamlessly moved our 14,000-strong workforce across the world to a work-from-home arrangement at the onset of the pandemic. Thanks to the investments that we had made into our technology infrastructure and our agile business model, we were able to transition our workforce at short notice.

Apart from technology, what is also crucial for a successful remote working model is culture. It is important to provide ways for employees to remain connected with their colleagues and the company even when physically apart. This also helps in ensuring our people remain supported and that we help them in managing any feelings of isolation.

As an example, our team managers conduct daily check-ins to see how their team members are doing and what additional support can be provided, if needed. In addition, our Employee Assistance Programme offers employees access to professional counsellors should they require further support.

For new employees, we pay special attention to them given their unfamiliarity with the organisation. To help them feel more welcomed, we have a dedicated engagement team that checks in on our new colleagues daily.

As a result of our efforts, we not only maintained but saw higher employee satisfaction scores. In July 2021, our score was 89%, an increase from 87% in 2020.

Our commitment to putting our people first has also led to positive business outcomes. TDCX was recently named as one of the top business-to-business (B2B) companies in Singapore and Colombia for 2021 by Clutch, an independent B2B reviews and market research platform. TDCX was recognised in two categories: Non-Voice Business Process Outsourcing/Back Office Services and Voice Services. The award reinforces our belief that by keeping focused on our people, who are key to our operational excellence, we are able to maintain our high-performing culture and drive client satisfaction despite the challenges of the pandemic.

While our forward-thinking and decisive approach enabled us to switch to a remote working model effectively and efficiently, we recognise that such success will be short-lived if we do not continue to engage employees and maintain their morale.

With remote working arrangements likely to become the norm, we have continued to make improvements to how we connect with our employees. While feedback channels have always been available, we started implementing weekly pulse surveys to get feedback more proactively. With real-time feedback, leaders and managers can have productive, insightful conversations with team members and act on the changes needed quickly. Such initiatives enable us to turn intention into action and improve the quality of our engagement.

Given the prolonged impact and the challenges of the pandemic, we are also particularly concerned about our employees’ mental wellbeing. Within these surveys is a ‘deep dive’ feature that helps us to understand the cause of employee stress, if any, and to empower them in managing the situation. These initiatives promote a culture of open communication at TDCX and in turn, create a collaborative approach to ensuring employee satisfaction.

TDCX’s deep-rooted people-first culture is something that we have diligently built up over time. By remaining steadfast in our efforts to keep our people at the heart of our operations, we are confident that we will be able to navigate future challenges successfully. This will ensure that we continue being more – by scaling faster, performing better, and going further – for our colleagues and clients.