[email protected]: Making the Most of Working From Home

Work-from-home isn’t always a welcome option because of its perceived drawbacks, but TDCX’s [email protected] implementation is proving otherwise. In less than a month, Customer Satisfaction rose from 88% to 91% and Quality Assurance Score increased from 87% to 94%. Productivity improved by 15%, while Absenteeism decreased by 50%. Our results are making a strong case for work-from-home to continue beyond the realm of a crisis.

In our second webinar on [email protected], our speakers explain how we help our employees be their best selves at work without the regular support structure. You will learn:

  • How we communicate expectations and manage performance
  • How we leverage technology to maintain frequent communication
  • How we build rapport with our employees to boost their morale
  • How we use virtual coaching to improve performance

Our panel of speakers:

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