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[email protected]: Becoming the Face of Businesses in a Crisis

As COVID-19 took everyone by surprise, the TDCX teams came together and reacted in record time and in unison to this global challenge. Within days, we were able to relocate our team members to their homes, across many different countries, clients, and projects with different technological and security protocols. Project management and most importantly, teamwork have been spectacular. The results speak for themselves:

  • >90% overall team members deployed to the comfort of their home
  • Some countries at 100% WFH
  • No or very little service or performance disruption
  • Wellness initiatives include daily sync online, one-on-one, game-based learning, keep-fit programmes, showcase home skills, games day, lunch wellness treats, well-being support

Where businesses had to shut their retail operations, our teams have become their face and voice. Our business has never been as mission-critical to our clients as it is now.

TDCX executives received countless compliments and praises from our supportive clients and more importantly, our beloved employees are safe and working.

Whilst WFH is not new to us, this crisis has provided a great opportunity to test a complete roll-out and we want to thank our heroes and their families from the bottom of our hearts.

Learn about our [email protected] journey across global locations in our webinar page.

Let’s continue the journey and #BeHappier!