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TDCX Ramps Up Fight Against Climate Change; Achieves Carbon Neutrality for Its Operations

Singapore – TDCX, a high-growth digital customer experience solutions provider, today announced that it has eliminated its overall carbon footprint, supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy. TDCX has achieved carbon neutrality by taking a two-pronged approach – reducing its carbon output and offsetting what the firm is currently unable to reduce through United Nation’s Climate Neutral Now initiative . To-date, TDCX has offset 38,770 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equating to a reduction in carbon emissions from more than 8,400 passenger vehicles over one year .

According to McKinsey, carbon credits have an important dual role to play in the battle against climate change. One of these includes enabling companies to support decarbonisation beyond their own carbon footprint, thus accelerating the broader transition to a lower-carbon future .

Mr Laurent Junique, CEO and Founder, TDCX, said, “At TDCX, we believe that businesses play an important role in promoting and accelerating sustainability. Given the far-reaching impact of climate change, we made it a priority to reduce our carbon footprint across our operations globally.

“By complementing our sustainability efforts with the purchase of offsets through the Climate Neutral Now initiative, we are not only able to account for the emissions that we continue to work on reducing but also contribute to global environmental solutions”.

TDCX has been taking active steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The firm rolled out initiatives at all its offices worldwide to conserve water and to minimise waste through recycling efforts. Regular tree planting activities are also carried out to offset TDCX’s carbon emissions.

The carbon emissions that TDCX has yet to be able to reduce or to avoid is being offset by the firm’s investment in four Clean Development Mechanism projects. These projects replace the use of fossil fuels – the biggest contributor of carbon emissions – with renewable energy sources such as wind, hydroelectric, solar and biomass.

External certification part of the next phase in TDCX’s sustainability roadmap

TDCX’s roadmap to climate neutrality also entails getting externally audited and certified for all its sustainability efforts.

Mr Ricart Valvekens, Executive Vice-President, Philippines and The Americas, TDCX, said, “We aim to secure a verified opinion statement of our carbon neutrality declaration within the year. The external certification will ensure that TDCX meets its sustainability goals and stakeholder expectations.”

TDCX’s sustainability initiatives are guided by its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Under the pillars #BeHappier, #BeKinder, #BeGreener, the company drives CSR initiatives that helps to empower its people, to uplift local communities and to promote environmental sustainability.

About TDCX

TDCX is a high-growth digital customer experience solutions provider for innovative technology and other blue-chip companies. The Company offers omnichannel CX solutions, sales and digital marketing services and content monitoring and moderation services. The Company has a track record of success with clients in travel and hospitality, digital advertising and media, fast-moving consumer goods, technology, financial services, fintech, government and non-governmental organisations, gaming, e-commerce and education. TDCX has an international footprint with offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Spain, India, Colombia and Romania, and services its clients’ customers globally in more than 20 languages. TDCX has won more than 270 awards.