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TDCX Recognised for Operational Excellence in Singapore and China

TDCX continues its winning streak by bagging a Gold Award for the "Best Outsourced Contact Centre of The Year" at the 20th Contact Centre of Association Singapore (CCAS) Awards. Our standard in Singapore’s competitive landscape is evident as we have consistently ranked in the top 2 for this category by CCAS since 2014.

The CCAS Awards recognise companies in the country for demonstrating outstanding performance in technologies and operational approaches in contact centres. The awards draw participation from major industries including banking, insurance, travel, telecommunications, to name a few. We also won another 11 awards in various categories, representing our depth and breadth of capabilities in the contact centre industry.

"These awards show how we’ve grown leaps and bounds since entering the contact centre industry more than 20 years ago. It is now the digital age and we were early to embrace and learn how to leverage technologies to enrich customer experience online but also drive end-to-end digitalisation. Our agility enables us to anticipate the next trends and to deliver solutions that empower long-term growth," said Angie Tay, Executive Vice President of TDCX Singapore and Thailand.

As a strategic partner to top brands in diverse industries, we are focused on meeting their expectations of having customers come away with a great experience. Our ongoing commitment to CX excellence resulted in these recent wins in Singapore and China, retaining clients’ confidence in our methods and giving us an edge in future propositions.

TDCX China won the "Excellent Digital Service Provider" at The 2020 CCMW Annual Event - The 16th "Golden Headset" Best Contact Center Awards Ceremony. The award confirms our efforts in pushing the envelope of digital transformation in customer experience, especially with China’s progressive Internet penetration rate amongst urbanites - an estimated 914 million people actively using the Internet in the year 2020.

We emerged tops amongst a competitive pool of more than 300 submissions. Based on the CC-CMM International Standard Evaluation, nominees' performances were assessed using the Customer Service Audit Tool and the CCSI (Contact Center Satisfaction Index). Other judging criteria included expert recommendations and screening processes such as data collection, bench-marking, household review, and ballot results.

About TDCX

TDCX is a home-grown BPO powerhouse that delivers outsourced digital customer care and sales acceleration solutions to the world's best and most valuable brands. Operating in state-of-the-art campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Spain, and Colombia, TDCX has a track record of success with clients in digital advertising, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, technology, automotive, consumer electronics, and fintech sectors. TDCX has won over 250 industry awards.