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TDCX Corporate Social Responsibility Q4 2021

In Q4 of 2021, TDCX teams from all over the world came together to help communities that were extensively affected by calamities, bringing smiles and creating a positive impact as we put our sustainability goals into action.

TDCX’s three CSR pillars–#BeHappier, #BeKinder, and #BeGreener–guide our programs and activities, and empower our TDpeeps to participate in causes close to them.

TDCX Featured Articles - TDCX Corporate Social Responsibility Q4 2021 TDpeeps around the world came together to help uplift disadvantaged communities.

Solidarity among TDpeeps

Typhoon Odette’s (Typhoon Rai) torrential rains struck the Philippines in December 2021, displacing 1.5 million people across the country, as well as neighboring Malaysia. TDCX rallied its people, organizing donation drives for the typhoon victims and matched the generous and quick response from TDPeeps.

Our CEO, Mr Laurent Junique also pitched in on a personal level. 2LJ.org, Laurent and Loretta Junique’s foundation, also gave a generous donation to the typhoon victims. In total, we raised USD 103,468 to help bring food and everyday essentials to the affected communities and to rebuild homes for families.

Through our #BeKinder pillar, TDCX continues to reach out to different local communities all over the world by bringing access to clothing, food, medicine, and books. TDCX Malaysia raised funds to donate computers to an orphanage, while TDCX Philippines donated PPEs and food to COVID-19 frontline workers. TDCX Singapore partnered with Willing Hearts to provide meals to the elderly, disabled, and low income families. And our colleagues in Colombia, Singapore, Thailand, and Spain spent time volunteering in animal shelters to provide care and food for our furry friends.

Happiness and fulfillment across TDCX locations

TDCX’s #BeHappier pillar continues to engage our employees through fun activities that celebrate our cultures. In the Philippines, we created podcasts that focus on mental health, and also held the Vanguard Awards for outstanding TDpeeps. In Japan and China, we celebrated Halloween and birthdays both virtually and in person, providing more opportunities to connect with each other. In Singapore, we had lantern-making contests, a TDCX Bears Facebook Auction, and photo contests featuring our beloved pets. We also held awareness activities, like Thailand’s cancer awareness program, informing people how to detect, treat, and manage the disease. TDCX Japan also celebrated the launch of the new TDCX site in October, which was an exciting new milestone for our Japanese colleagues. We are happy that so many of our TDpeeps participate in our activities, celebrate special days, and are heavily engaged in making TDCX a fun workplace for all.

Sustainability in action

We continue to push our #BeGreener activities by fostering sustainable habits in the workplace, choosing green products, and helping the environment. Across all TDCX locations, we have been segregating and recycling our waste to reduce landfill waste and to give new life to our discarded products. We have also continued our partnerships with local NGOs to plant trees to address deforestation and flooding. In Malaysia, we have also distributed reusable cutlery sets to reduce our reliance on single use plastics.


TDCX Malaysia was also recognized for their CSR efforts, winning the Bronze Medal from the Customer Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM). The award is an honor to all TDpeeps and is testament to the positive impact of our collective effort and dedication.

TDCX is committed to bolstering our CSR programs in 2022 by giving more focus to our CSR pillars. In the next few months, TDCX will reveal new plans for our global CSR strategy, creating stronger initiatives to impact TDpeeps positively and bring greater change to our society.