Turbo boost your revenue and nurture customer relationships with our personalised Revenue Generation Programmes.

It’s in Our Genes

TDCX’s legacy is in sales acceleration. We have developed specialised approaches to selection and training for effective sales and account management. Over the years, sales processes and methods have been refined, digitalised, and modernised. Having the right pitch is not enough today. Leveraging social media, omnichannel, data analytics, and call planning will give you a significant advantage in positioning your sales teams for growth.

The Best Use TDCX

The largest digital players in the world utilise TDCX sales and account management solutions to develop the adoption of social media selling and digital marketing. We employ highly trained and qualified digital marketers supporting portfolios of small and medium businesses. We have revenue growth targets for these accounts paired with new product adoption targets. Other clients use our qualified teams to sell high-ticket technology items. Leads qualification and enhancement, nurturing existing accounts, cross-selling, project managing the sales cycle across various distribution channels are only some of the programmes we run.

Our Approach Is Personal

TDCX are experts at regionalization. Our Global Augmented Recruitment solutions and multilingual recruiters help you select the very best talent for your program.TDCX offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand give us the ability to hire multilingual teams in attractive locations where the best want to work. Our foreign recruits also receive relocation assistance through our expat management services.

We don’t just drive revenue, we create lasting impressions