Tech Support

Our specialised teams will put your customers’ issues to rest.

Human Touch in Technical Support

Qualified individuals trained on products, processes, procedures, and policies carrying out a friendly and conversational diagnostic leading to an efficient and beneficial resolution is not easy to deliver. We deploy here a whole suite of solutions to augment our champions. RPA, video chat diagnostic, chatbots, experiential learning, increased span of control, detailed playbooks, Subject Matter Experts: we have all the tricks to increase resolution rates whilst winning more promoters.

Deploy the Right Team Right

Workforce management is done differently at TDCX. We sure use best-in-breed WFM tools and practices supported by Real Time Analysts but we have also developed visualisation tools outputting interactive heatmaps for scenario planning, workload quantification, and financial estimates. The decision-making process can be cut down dramatically especially when managing a multi-site set-up.

Specialisation and Customer Experience

Routing according to specialisation in tech support is essential to quicker and more accurate resolutions. Our analytical solutions give us great visibility on how traffic can be routed most efficiently according to the skills available. Chatbots help us qualify traffic further in a seamless fashion for customers and in a more efficient way than IVRs of the past. Analytics point to opportunities for self-service wherever possible and our CX Consulting team will recommend digital solutions towards eliminating contacts as a result.

Keep your tech support simple but efficient