The future of customer experience is remote.

Our global [email protected] solution went live at the first hint of the COVID-19 outbreak, allowing us to move thousands of our staff home in a matter of days. Thanks to our COPC-certified management team, a strong policy, and experience, our results have been incredible. In under a month:

  • Customer Satisfaction rose from 88% to 91%
  • Quality Assurance Score increased from 87% to 94%
  • Absenteeism decreased by 50%

Keep CX running uninterrupted with a remote workforce

Tech for Home Offices

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for smoother operation
  • Encrypted voice delivery with VoIP
  • VPNs and Firewalls to ensure safe access to systems
  • Virtual desktop security prevents unauthorised objects and persons

Data Security

  • Renewed NDA policies to prevent fraud
  • Data encryption throughout all communication
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant

On-The-Go Analytics

  • Real-time dashboard app accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Actionable insights for process improvement with secure authentication
  • Advanced reporting and predictive analytics for workforce forecasting

People Management

  • Cloud-based training, learning and coaching through our online tools
  • WFH performance guided through centralised online portal
  • Open communication and transparency by COPC-certified management

Remote Hiring

  • 100% online recruitment through our virtual hiring platform
  • Hundreds of new remote positions
  • Comprehensive virtual onboarding to get new employees on track

Kickstart your digital transformation from home