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Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is now the top differentiator. The majority of businesses are soon expected to compete mainly on customer experience, and those that work with customer experience consulting firms will stand out. As a trusted partner for delivering exceptional digital customer experience (CX) outsourcing solutions, TDCX has the deep frontline experience to assist customers through data analytics, technology, and process excellence to achieve top performance.

How We Help

We strategize and implement high-performing customer experience solutions for our clients through consulting and analytic services. We leverage an asset-based consulting approach, combined with Lean Six Sigma methodologies to transform customer experience solutions.

Customer service strategy
Customer journey mapping & analytics
Customer service maturity assessment
CX operating model design
Process optimization & re-engineering
Digital customer service transformation
Lean Six Sigma

Sales & Revenue

Per Gartner, 77% of buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex or difficult and they only spend 17% of their time interacting with sellers. At TDCX, we have proven to be the differentiator that helps our clients generate and improve their topline performance through a robust and highly efficient sales and revenue generation process.

How We Help

We provide end-to-end B2B sales execution support, using our vast experience on frontline execution. We are performance-driven, and strive for creating a positive sales/buying experience for our clients and their customers.

Leads generation from digital and traditional channels
Customer analytics to qualify and assess opportunities
Customer retention and loyalty management
Customer engagement strategy
Sales execution planning and rep support
Sales performance management via deal sizing, negotiations and deal execution support

Content Moderation

By 2024, 30% of large organizations will identify Content Moderation services for user-generated content as C-suite priority. Content moderation enables businesses to maintain a reputable image on the internet and gives them an edge to thrive amid changing industry trends and customer demands.

How We Help

TDCX is a leading content moderation provider that brings years of expertise to help clients  safeguard their brands and thrive in the new digital economy. 

Content moderation process design
Content moderation process design
Technology and automation design
People strategy and training support
Well-being and mental health support

Our Capabilities

Advanced Analytics

We have a wealth of customer interaction data, a team of experienced data scientists, and proprietary advanced analytic expertise to generate actionable insights for our customers.

  • Cloud-based data lake as the backbone of advanced analytics
  • Omnichannel analytic on structured and unstructured customer data for our sentiment analysis, customer trends, behaviors, and more
  • Data enrichment, cleansing, and transformation to prepare data for advanced analytics
  • Big data analytics on operational performance insights, predictive analysis on future performance and operational planning, compliance metrics, workforce analysis, and root cause analyses that drive operational excellence
  • Advanced sales analytics that provide next best action recommendations, leads generation, customer segmentation, profiling, personalization, sales planning, and deal execution support
  • Easy-to-use enterprise-grade visualization tool that enables standardized reporting, on-demand analytics, and management decision support


Powered by our experienced Center of Excellence & Digital Lab capabilities, we constantly innovate new solutions to help our customers perform better. Ideation and rapid prototyping of brand new products turn them into innovative solutions.

  • Innovative Work-from-anywhere solution that enables safe and productive remote work experiences
  • Text and speech recognition solution that makes complex customer interactions easy to interpret
  • Omnichannel customer interaction tool that provides high customer experience via chat, chatbot, phone, and emails
  • State-of-the-art Knowledge Base (KB) that adds tremendous value to our customers, and can be quickly deployed to support a variety of customer service operations
  • Advanced Robust Process Automation (RPA) capabilities that help improve both front- and back-office processes, allowing customers to do more without disruptions to their existing operations
  • Workforce management tools that help manage customer support personnel, measure employee satisfaction and performance, and plan customer service operations
  • Proven recruitment solution for clients to attract and assess the best talents, and create a high-performing team








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