The future of customer experience is remote.

Deliver the best customer experience (CX) from anywhere in the world with Falcon. We have combined industry best practices and contemporary technology to bring you work-from-home tracking solutions. In our first month of implementation, we moved over 2,500 staff home in days with telling results:

- Customer Satisfaction rose from 88% to 91%

- Quality Assurance Score increased from 87% to 94%

- Absenteeism decreased by 50%


Optimize your business performance beyond workspaces with our enhanced services and operation modules.

Work@Home Augmented Performance

  • Additional home protocols to guide communication and procedure
  • Fraud playbook and Code of Conduct for home talents
  • Online resiliency courses and home operations
  • Optimal algorithm configuration for work from home queues

Tech for Home Offices

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for increased productivity
  • Encrypted voice delivery with VoIP
  • VPNs and firewalls to ensure safe access to systems
  • Virtual technical helpdesk for immediate remote support

Data Security

  • Up-to-date NDA policies to prevent fraud and data leaks
  • Data encryption across communications
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security - Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant

On-The-Go Analytics

  • Real-time dashboard app with secure authentication
  • Actionable insights for advanced process improvement
  • Predictive analytics for workforce and performance forecasting

People Management

  • Training, learning, and coaching through our online platforms
  • Wellness and employee engagement guided through our online portal
  • Remote psychological services by our Well-being & Resiliency teams
  • Open communication and transparency by COPC-certified management

Remote Hiring

  • 100% online recruitment through our virtual hiring platform
  • Creation of hundreds of new remote positions
  • Comprehensive virtual onboarding for new employees


<p>Protect your business with our new security and productivity tool for WFH agents.</p>

Main Features

Multi-Platform Use

FalconEye is available on all OS platforms.

Facial Biometrics

Agents are authenticated at login, throughout their shift, or when unauthorized persons are detected.

Violation Tracking

Workspace violations, such as the use of phones, will trigger screenshot captures and alert team leaders. Attempts to circumvent control will also be flagged.

Attendance Tracking

Team leaders will be alerted when agents leave their workstation without permission.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth is monitored to ease workload management within the same campaign and ensure productivity.

Robust Configuration

Parameters, responses, automated actions, real-time alerts, historical dashboards, and violation audits are fully configurable.

How It Works

The app triggers the camera on the agents’ workstations.

The team leader will be alerted every time a violation is detected.

The team leader verifies the violation.

Kickstart your digital transformation from home