Social Media

Digital hiring accelerated scaling for a global social media company

Our challenge

A global social media company prioritizing the security of its online community of billions required a partner to scale operations for content moderation and account management support.

We delivered

To scale effectively, we focused on recruiting native language speakers in our client’s selected regions. We quickly understood the respective content moderation policies and developed market-specific training and learning modules. Our strong social media presence enabled our Sourcing and Talent Acquisition teams to communicate the opportunity to talents across the regions. By deploying our Digital Hiring Solution, Flash Hire, we had a unified database management tool storing all applicant information and assessments, which can be tracked and accessed by all stakeholders. Due to the diversity of talents, we also implemented an expat onboarding procedure that included document processing, cultural familiarization, a housing and lifestyle package, and orientation.

skilled professionals within 7 months in 4 countries

hiring fill rate

nationalities from around the world

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