We believe that well-thought-out workspaces make happier employees.


Global nexus for high-value tech services

Brazil’s strong business environment, thriving tech ecosystem, and multilingual workforce establish it as a prime location for IT services.


Latin America's hub of bilingual professionals

As the BPO industry continues to grow in Latin America, TDCX Bogota's excellent labor market efficiency; and proficiency in English, Spanish, and region-specific dialects drive our first base in South America to greater heights.

Hong Kong

Incubation hub for innovation & infrastructure

Asia’s most popular city for international business provides easy access to China; and engages a highly productive, efficient, and collaborative workforce.


Handling half of the world’s BPO market

India’s high-profile status in the BPO industry, vast pool of 125 million English proficient talents, and low operational costs make it a top choice for business growth and expansion.


Prime location for digital outsourcing

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, shines as a digitally advanced destination with a skilled workforce, cost-effective services, and a business-friendly environment, making it a prime choice for outsourcing.


High standards in process excellence

One of the most competitive nations in the world, Japan's authority in technology and tech-proficient professionals gives us leverage in digital consumer experiences, especially with omnidigital channels.


Large scale multi-lingual support in APAC

Our BPO innovation hub resides in one of the top most business-friendly countries in ASEAN, with a rapidly progressing digital ecosystem and multilinguistic talents for brands to reach more market segments.

Mainland China

Investing in the world's largest market

The government's support of the BPO industry and its industrial upgrading has equipped TDCX to efficiently scale teams for high-growth clients and engage about 23 million multilingual graduates to serve multiple regions.


Leader for global English talents

The world’s BPO industry capital engages over 1 million talents with high English proficiency and familiarity with different cultures, and enables clients to reach a wider group of consumers.


Scaling up our EU presence

Complementing our operations in Spain, Romania’s enviable position as Europe’s top 5 outsourcing location, emerging tech city status, and rich pool of competent digital talents allow us to service new clients and expand in the region.


Stability of business environment

A digitally inclusive nation with strong R&D capabilities and business security. Singapore has one of the world's best-skilled labour markets, allowing us to tackle complex and critical missions seamlessly.

South Korea

Tech-savvy & highly-skilled workforce

Home to world-class gaming and IT companies, South Korea ranks first for ICT infrastructure in the world. Together with their highly-skilled and technically-advanced workforce, this country proves to be an excellent outsourcing destination.


Supporting Barcelona and Europe markets

Spain's allure for foreign companies means big opportunities. Barcelona prioritizes workforce and language diversity to expand its reach across regions.


Our Indochina hub serving Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia

As the Thailand 4.0 economic model supports long-term business growth, TDCX has been able to thrive, receiving 20 recognitions from the Thai Contact Center Trade Association in one year.


International capital for tech, telecommunications, and finance

With a reliable infrastructure for outsourcing and a workforce with strong technical support capabilities, Türkiye is the trusted destination for the global tech giants.


Key startup hub in Southeast Asia

Championing a young, innovative workforce, Vietnam drives digital transformation for emerging businesses.