Perform Better

Meet Key Performance Indexes

Invest in Performance Quality

We developed outsourcing solutions that meet highest industry standards and compliance such as ISO 9001, ISO 18295 -1, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, PCI DSS and ITIL certifications, with our COPC-certified trainers and management leaders ensuring consistently good output.

Future-proof Talents for Business Continuity

We encourage self-improvement for talents to retain a competitive edge. By providing access to a vast range of courses in TD University and LinkedIn Learning, they can learn at their own time. In tandem with learning, we believe that regular coaching and mentoring boosts talents' confidence in becoming more adept at work. 

Keep Track of Business Performance

Accountability is essential in measuring progress. With our TDCX Mobile App, clients gain access to real-time data, wherever they are, giving them the power to make necessary decisions. We have also rolled out Falcon CX which ensures optimum productivity for work-from-home settings.

Multi-industry Implementation

Our performance management system is designed for versatility and ease of adoption for organizations across different fields. Check out how clients performed better with TDCX.

Aim higher and achieve more