Seasonal campaign scaling for leading accommodation-sharing platform

Our challenge

One of the world’s largest accommodation platforms needed a team that could keep up with their aggressive scale requirements without compromising the travel experience of their millions of customers.

We delivered

We doubled the team from 300 in January to 650 in August just in time for the seasonal summer spike and built a customised facility for the campaign. Our scenario-based training helped our agents deal with more complex scenarios including complaints and escalations. We provided further support from hand-picking agents to managing 8,000 aging tickets overflow from the onshore support team. Our dedicated team of business analytics experts also tracked customer trends, agent performance, and team compliance, allowing us to act on time-sensitive opportunities without jeopardising service quality. Ultimately, our flexible campaign operations scaled 216% to handle global seasonal spikes.

new hires in 8 months

scale to handle seasonal spikes

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