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Fireside Chat

Fintech experts exchange insights on how the industry thrives amid the challenges on regulations, emerging tech, and evolving customer behaviors.


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Featured Speakers
Sophie Wong
Account Director Financial Services & Point Carbon Zero Program Lead
Google Cloud Singapore
Sophie drives business growth, GTM strategy, and works with teams across Google and industry partners to bring best practices, enable customers to digitally transform, and solve for what is next. She is also the Point Carbon Zero Program Lead, helping catalyze the incubation and adoption of climate fintech solutions in Asia, bolster financial sector access to climate-related data, and deploy capital towards green and sustainable projects.
Featured Speakers
Anton Dreyer
APAC Head of Partnerships Strategy & Operations
Anton hails from South Africa and spent time helping African telcos build data insights. Being Stripe’s 7th employee in Singapore, he has witnessed Stripe’s growth in the region. Since 2016, Anton has been focused on the payments layer at Stripe; managing key strategic relationships with Stripe financial partners, pioneering market expansion, and building new payments products.
Featured Speakers
Bianca De Jesus
Solutioning Director
Bianca is at the helm of TDCX’s thought leadership strategy. She has published the organization’s first few e-books, produced its inaugural B2B event, and implements the vision of the company in this space. With 2 decades of CX practice, she has designed and carried out solutions to some of the world’s most loved brands.
Featured Speakers
Loukas Tourkomanis
CX Consultant
New Sage Ventures
Loukas has spent his career in customer support, working for large scale BPOs and high growth tech companies such as Airbnb and Tiktok. He is currently a CX consultant working in the thought leadership space helping clients deliver value through research, outreach, and insightful content.
Featured Speakers
Nikos Theodorou
Senior Director of Payments
Nikos leads the Payments team at Remote, facilitating payroll payments to 70+ countries, and contractor payments to 150+ countries. He is responsible for the strategy development and execution for all payments-related products, working with internal teams and external partners to build industry-leading experiences for all users of the Remote platform. Prior to Remote, Nikos led various cross-border payments initiatives at eBay.
Fireside Chat
Fireside Chat
Fintech experts exchange insights on how the industry thrives amid the challenges on regulations, emerging tech, and evolving customer behaviors
Recent headlines
Catch up on recent events where fintechs have been involved in
Balancing growth and innovation
How can fintech companies grow and innovate amidst stringent regulations?
Best practices in compliance and user experience
Improve the customer journey while being compliant with strict regulations
The Future of Fintech
What to get excited about in the coming years 
Achieving sustainability goals
Discover relevant sustainability strategies in fintech
Innovation and Collaboration
Discover some notable innovations from partnerships among fintechs
The intersection between CX and fintech - Full Coverage
Learn about how customer experience impacts fintech companies
Fintech trends for 2023
What lies ahead for fintech companies in 2023?
Fintech best practices for entering new markets
How to provide the best service for global markets with different policies
Fintech best practices for user experience
Make the customer journey as convenient as possible
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - Full Coverage
Understand the challenges fintech companies are facing today.
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - Overview on CX and Fintech
What are fintech’s contributions to various sectors?
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - Fintech Challenges
Discover how fintechs focus on their goal of elevating CX.
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - High-Tech, High-Touch
Learn an efficient strategy to provide valuable CX.
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - Importance of Human Support
How has human support impacted fintechs and their businesses?
CX Talks: Fintech: Prelude - CX and EX
What is the importance of integrating customer and employee experiences?
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