Binding Corporate Rules


The Teledirect group of companies is committed to the protection of the Personal Data of its customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, in particular as regards compliance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Accordingly, this document creates Binding Corporate Rules (the “BCRs”) that are legally binding on the following Teledirect (“TD”) companies (“the TD Group” or the “Teledirect Entities”), namely:

  • Agorae Pte Ltd (Singapore);
  • Gascaquen Teledirect, SA (Spain);
  • Teledirect Pte Ltd (Singapore);
  • Teledirect Telecommerce Ltd (Philippines) Inc;
  • Teledirect Telecommerce (Thailand) Ltd
  • Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn Bhd (Malaysia);
  • KK Teledirect Japan;
  • Agorae Information Consulting (Beijing)Co., Ltd;
  • Teledirect Hong Kong Ltd;

as well as on any companies that subsequently become members of the TD Group.

All the Teledirect entities bonded to this BCR can be contacted at 750D Chai Chee Road, #06-01/06 Viva Business Park, Singapore 469004

The objective of the BCRs is to provide adequate protection for the transfers and processing of Personal Data by TD staff and entities in the TD Group, its companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and any other entity under its ownership or control.

The BCRs explain how this commitment is implemented by the TD Group throughout its operations. They specifically set out TD’s approach to transfers of Personal Data between entities in the TD Group and apply to TD’s operations worldwide.

The BCRs are communicated to all TD employees and are published on the external TD website accessible at

When collecting personal data for its processing, TD will provide the data subjects with all the information related to the processing of their data, and particularly with that indicated in articles 13, 14 and 47 of the GDPR. In particular, this information will be provided by giving access to the relevant Privacy Policy (which will vary depending on whether the data subject is a TD employee or a candidate for employment). If necessary, TD will send the additional information that may result of application in a more detailed manner and in a more appropriate medium for its better presentation, understanding or file by the Data Subject.

Last updated: July 2019