Content Moderation

Keep your communities safe.


The heroes who keep the internet safe from harmful content every day need to be supported with the best care possible. We create a beautiful work environment and provide consistent and carefully curated social support. From group activities to individual 24/7 assistance, our well-being solution is aimed at keeping minds clear, fresh, and ready for the next challenge.

Being Efficient

We deliver efficiency without creating unnecessary stress. We scale up quickly, hire foreign professionals with contextual knowledge, develop playbooks around constantly changing policies, communicate the mission, developing better training systems, and bring extreme confidentiality into the workspace. These are just some of the focus areas that keep our teams going.

Specialized Content Moderation

We have developed a robust selection system to take into account the complexity of content moderation programs. From sourcing to candidate evaluation to close looping on early assumptions made, we connect the dots. We evaluate resiliency, personality, dependability, language proficiency, contextual knowledge, and aptitude prior to reviewing any candidate. Selecting the right people is a massive responsibility, and we have top-notch tools and teams to help us do that.

We will support your communities in these channels

- Social media 

- Consumer reviews and ratings

 - News

Let’s keep the internet safe