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Secure your online platform and end-user community with comprehensive trust & safety protocols. We focus on promoting safety, preventing real-world harm, and creating a secure and trustworthy environment.

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Brand confidence

We scale your trust and safety operations, incorporate community compliance, and intervene quickly to prevent possible damage.

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Technology-driven solutions

An integral part of the business involves a robust strategy of collaboration between our team and AI-powered tools to continually assess and manage potential or prevalent risks.

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Fraud detection and prevention

Our highly-trained specialists can swiftly identify fraudulent accounts and protect your users from attempts at deceiving them.

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Content moderation

Our competent human moderators understand nuances in supporting communities in social media, consumer reviews and ratings, and news portals. We provide effective and precise content moderation outsourcing services, leveraging technology's combined efficiency and precision.

Protecting the Protectors

To support the heroes who keep the internet safe, we provide a conducive work environment and carefully curated social support, including group activities and 24/7 assistance. Our well-being & resiliency program keeps minds clear and fresh for the next challenge.

  • Monthly themed group activities
  • Psychoeducation training
  • Interactive and sensory exercises
  • Gamification and recognition
  • Personalized individual sessions
  • Internal and external support opportunities
Proof of Excellence
Holistic approach on content moderation

A global social media platform partnered with TDCX to create safer online communities by providing high-quality content moderation and prioritizing the security of its of billions of end users in its Southeast Asian market and Rest of the World.

Live streaming online communities

A new and fast-growing global social media network targeted at young people was looking for a partner that could moderate multicultural content from their global users.

Growing and elevating trust and safety operations

A global lodging company that operates an online marketplace were looking for a provider of fraud protection services to resolve payment fraud, coupon abuse, phishing, and other unauthorized transactions.

Elevate and enhance trust and safety for your business