Keep your business and your communities safe

Protect them now

Safeguard your customers and brand throughout the entire online journey. Leverage technology and teams to keep your online spaces secure using the right policies and the best practices.

Build Confidence in Your Brand

Take a proactive approach in building trust in your brand with your customers. Our solutions allow you to scale your trust and safety operations, incorporate community compliance, and intervene quickly to prevent possible damage.

Efficiency and Prioritization

Our teams leverage AI-powered tools to comb through large amounts of data and identify those that require human intervention. Once traffic is routed to our teams, a more detailed process can now take place. Verifications, investigations, and communication are done following clearly documented policies and procedures in a systematic fashion.



Fraud Detection And Prevention

Your customers’ safety on the internet is our priority. Equipped with our AI-powered tools and tailored processes, our highly-trained fraud specialists will swiftly identify fraudulent accounts and safeguard your users from attempts at deceiving them.

Multi-site Ramp Up

With campuses all over the world, we enable you to establish multiple sites simultaneously according to your operational needs. We can help you expand your presence in key regions, and provide top-notch customer experience to a wider market.

Content Moderation

We provide careful and consistent social support. By hiring professionals with the right contextual knowledge, developing playbooks around constantly changing policies, and creating better training systems, we are able to scale up quickly. Combined with the efficiency and precision of technology, our human moderators understand nuances in supporting communities in social media, consumer reviews and ratings, and news portals.


Accuracy level within the 1st month


Pass rate score for new hires


Content moderated per month


Quality audits per month


Supported languages

Accuracy With Talent Matching And Suitability

We have a robust selection system to take into account the complexity of content moderation programmes. From sourcing to candidate evaluation to close looping on early assumptions made, we connect the dots.

We evaluate resiliency, personality, dependability, language proficiency, contextual knowledge, and aptitude prior to reviewing any candidate. Not to mention, thorough reference checks and culture fit.

Selecting the right people is a massive responsibility. We take it very seriously and we have top-notch tools and teams to help us do that.

Efficiency Without The Unnecessary Stress

We have the ability to scale up quickly, hire foreigners with contextual knowledge, develop playbooks around constantly changing policies, communicating the mission, developing better training systems and bringing extreme confidentiality into the workspace.

The heroes who keep the internet safe from harmful content every day need to be supported with the best care possible.

We create a beautiful work environment and provide consistent and carefully curated social support. From group activities to individual 24/7 assistance, our well-being solution is aimed at keeping the minds clear and fresh and ready for the next challenge.

Group Activities

Group sessions to promote bonding, bringing fun while improving productivity and motivation.

Individual Check-ins

One-on-one resiliency check-ins administered by certified well-being coaches.


Provides education and resources through evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

Employee Assistance Program

24/7 helpline channel allowing employees to get in touch with Wellbeing & Resiliency Partners.

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Together, we can keep the Internet safe.