Corporate Social Responsibility

At TDCX, we are committed to bringing positive transformation to empower our people, uplift local communities, and promote environmental sustainability.

Empower People

To achieve the positive impact we aim to bring, the transformation must first begin within the heart of our organization – our people. We want our employees at every level to feel safe and empowered. We strive to create an optimal environment by advancing human rights and economic empowerment, creating diverse and gender-equal workplaces, and investing in our people’s development and wellness.

Uplift Communities

We believe in transforming communities and creating a positive social impact by giving back, one project at a time. From pursuing educational development, promoting inclusive economic growth, supporting healthcare workers, providing disaster relief, partnering with NGOs, to responsible sourcing, our social-facing programs are aimed at helping and uplifting members of different communities.

Promote Sustainability

Our responsibility toward our planet grows as we grow our business. We embrace our role in promoting sustainability by offsetting our carbon footprint, conserving water, recycling, banning single use plastics, and advocating environmental preservation and sustainable merchandise across all our sites. At TDCX, we want to do business with a purpose beyond profit by encouraging positive environmental change.

Learn more about our story and commitment

Download our CSR Program here
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